The Reel Note Band

Reel Note Birmingham Town Hall

Reel Note's repertoire includes traditional Irish music to dance to - jigs, reels and polkas and some waltzes for everybody needs a rest! Plus a few traditional songs.

The Reel Note Band at Birmingham Town Hall, 16 February 2013.


Mick Hipkiss is perhaps best known for his work with the group "Drowsy Maggie" but on 16 February 2013, in front of a sell-out audience, the Lord Mayor led tributes to this modest, unassuming man in recognition of something less well-known, Mick's many years devoted to helping Birmingham's Irish community.


The Reel Note Band is honoured to have been chosen to take part in this very special concert, alongside Drowsy Maggie, Father Teds, Hurling Boys and Routes.

Please sample our montage of tracks from the first album, produced in 2010,


'Depends On The Speed Of The Day'.

Please sample our montage of tracks from the second album, released Spetember 2014.


'All In Good Time'.

l to r: Dave Cunningham (mandolin) John Alexander (bass) John Jordan (fiddle) Brian Malone (guitar and vocals) Vince Jordan (piano box) Katie Jordan (bodhran) Anna-Marie Jordan (fiddle) Noel Lenihan (flute)

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